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Better Half Consulting specializes in Apple Macintosh Computers. However we realize that in todays tech world, we have to know how do to windows too. We have many clients who are moving from Windows to Mac, or clients who have intel processors and need Windows support for those one or two programs that make their business more effecient, but they just don't come in Macintosh Applications. Or the occational person who needs to move information from a Windows only application to something that runs either in the Macintosh enviornment or in a cross-platform enviornment. We are Mac Consultants based in reality. If it touches a Mac, we will work on it.

Our Senior Mac Consultant has 22 years of working with and consulting on Macintosh Computers as well as 12 years of Windows consulting. Our Senior Windows Consultant has 18 years of Windows Computers and 9 years of Macintosh consulting. We've worked in Mac OS X systems from 6.04 to Mac OS X v10.8.x and on Windows from Windows 3.1 to Windows 8.

We can provide you services and support from pre-purchase to migration to wired and wireless network installation. We can help you migrate from Mac OS 9 to Mac OS X, Mac OS X to Mac OS X, or from Windows to Mac OS X.

Our consultants provide on-site, in office, email, and web based support for clients in homes, small businesses, medium business, mac platform and cross-platform enviornments.


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